It seems every time we have a party it has rained.  This is strange because rain is relatively rare in the summer.  When it does rain though, it really does it (usually with lightning and thunder).  Our last two parties were no exception.

We rotate hosting Saturday evening appertifs here with good friends.  As our turn rolled around, it clouded up and then BOOM, BOOM and down came the rain.  We just went ahead and set up everything inside our small living room/dining room and everyone had a great time.  Here are a few pictures of the Saturday gang.  They are lots of fun and though our French is very limited, and their English the same, somehow we manage to communicate quite well.  I feel like I have as many good friends here as I do back home.
At 10 pm the rain had stopped and we moved outside where everybody admired our "English Garden". We were proud. The crowd got a bit noisy late in the evening and the next day one neighbor complained. So sorry.
John is a great host.

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