Giverny is a short train ride north of Paris in the Normandy region.  Monet spend many years, from his middle age to old at his garden creation.  He always favored “the light” in Normandy and most of his paintings were done in the Normandy area whether they are of the seaside, snow scenes, or lush gardens. 

When he purchased the Giverny property which is 4 km from the nearest town of Vernon he created one of his greatest works of art by diverting a portion the Seine into his property and creating beautiful pond.   He planned all the plantings himself and was greatly influenced by the newly discovered art of Japan.

He lived in the pink and green house with his large family and visiting artists studied with him.  After his death the gardens and house fell into disrepair and his son donated it to a nonprofit organization that still owns it.  Donors, including many Americans, raised the funds to beautiful restore Monet’s treasured gardens and home.  It is now one of the most popular attractions in France.
We took the train from St. Lazare station. A piano is provided for anyone who wishes to play. We were serenaded by a very accomplished classical pianist.
The station looked much as it did when Monet painted it.
A short train ride, shorter bus ride and here is what you see!  An abundance of flowers and vines all arranged with an artist's eye.

Apparently every season has its own unique beauty here.  We are seeing it in early summer.  The tulips are gone.
The peonies are my favorites! 
The old fashioned roses have strong perfume.  I love these.
There is obviously an army of gardeners needed to care for this place.
Today is a cloudy one but that makes the nicest reflections.
This must have been such a lovely place to live.  From inside the dining room you would have a full view of the garden.

We loved our day here.   It was less crowded than later in the summer.  If you come take the first train of the day and have a
Gayla Odle
7/4/2013 02:24:16 am

C'est si beau!!!
Thanks for sharing this with us! Every photo is like a painting, it is so beautiful! Gayla


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