On warm Paris evenings Parisians flock to the banks of the Seine for picnic dinner.  We meet in front of Notre Dame and descend the stairs to their picnic spot.  Her friend Phillip, her beautiful daughter Charlotte, and her neighbor Francois have spread a blanket and claimed a cement bench for the evening.

We feast on camembert, hummous, bread, strawberries, prosciutto, and olives.  The wine is opened.  We wave at the batou mousche passengers.  Our view is the Seine and Notre Dame, what could be more perfect for our second evening in Paris?  Angel is happy for attention (and treats).

We’ve watched some dark threatening clouds moving toward us up the Seine.  Since we have finished our meal and it is after 10 pm we pack up the picnic and climb the steps to the bridge across the Seine to Isle le Cite.  A couple of wet drops and then a deluge.  There is nowhere to escape it.  We wave goodbye to our friends and run to the closest café.  We spend the next hour laughing with two 20 something Aussie fellows.  We are drenched, soaking wet, but very happy.

Patrice Christensen
6/19/2013 04:41:45 pm

Love those smiles...have a great summer! Patrice

6/22/2013 07:04:25 am

Looks like you made the best of it and found a nice bar to duck into!


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