We've been back in our village for two weeks now.   We've spent much of our time getting the garden in shape.  It is a priority as when the weather is warm, which is most of the time in the summer, we spend most of our time outside.  John put in a wood trellis leading up to the upper garden and we've planted two climbing yellow rose bushes - no blooms yet.  We brought quite a few seed packets back from the USA with some things that are hard to find here - Asian greens and hot chilies.  Most of the herbs from last year are still doing ok.  I did plant quite a lot of basil.  French grocery stores don't carry packets of fresh herbs like in the USA.  I guess they figure if you use fresh herbs, you have them in your own garden.  I did plant a bunch of cilantro too (hard to find here). 

Last year we planted a very southern France garden with aubergine (eggplant), courgettes (zucchini), and tomatoes.  These were the exact vegetables that we received with frequency from our French neighbors who have an abundance in their gardens.  Seems much wiser to plant what we can't find here.  Already one of our closest neighbors has given us at least a bushel of his ripening cherries.

The weather has been unseasonably cool and windy; everyone is complaining about it.  It has really been too cold to cold to go to the beach but John and I went one day to have a moule (mussels) lunch in a little restaurant.  The water was very rough with actual surf.
One day we took a drive down to Bouziques, the village on the bay near Sete, where they farm oysters.  We went to our favorite little café where they’ve just harvested oysters that morning and serve them immediately.  We get the large ones.  The place is nothing fancy and the fare is limited to raw oysters, mussels, and some other crustacean along with bread and wine.  Yummy.

The abbey courtyard

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