Last night was a lovely evening at the winery here in the village.  It was a catered dinner by Ken & Alison, an American couple who have lived in this area for some time.  They cater events all year long and during the summer there a number of their dinners at various wineries.  

This particular winery is one of our favorites because the wines are good, the owner is a very nice man,  and it is right around the corner from our house.

It was a warm and humid night with the cigales still buzzing away at 9 pm.  As at most of these events, most of the guests were Brits with a sprinkling of Aussies.  The setting was around the decorative pool by the attractive home of the winery owners, Michel and Marianne Cros.

The food and wines were excellent and abundant.  Lovely gazpacho, white fish with peas, grilled beef salad, marinated lamb on skewer, and homemade ice cream.

There was good conversation, mostly English, with some French.  The many course dinner started at 8 pm and ended at midnight.

Best of all was a wonderful chantuese who primarily sang songs popularized by Edith Piaf and a few American and Spanish ones.  Everyone enjoyed her.  Here 

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