Summer has definitely arrived.   Hot humid days and pleasant warm evenings.  The cigales are buzzing like mad - zzz, zzz, zzz.  The start up their noisey mating call about noon and it goes on until late afternoon.  Thank goodness since their noise-making is dependent on the temperature being quite hot, they are silent when we are sleeping.

It is perfect beach weather and the water is divine for a "nage" - swim.  We've spent several days there - being completely decadent renting a chaise and parasol for the day or taking a boat ride from Cap d'Agde and then going for a swim.  One day a week I go with my neighbor, Suzette, down to the beach for a nice walk in the water and then I go for a short swim.  Today we will take her grandchildren along.

"I love it here" Angel tells us every day. She enjoys her cool morning walk, sleeps during the day, and is active in the evening. She never misses a meal with us in the garden.
We try to take walks in the early morning before the days really heats up.  Suzette likes to walk with me and so does John.  You can see our village behind Suzette.  The old village is what you see on the hill.  The newer homes spread outward, mainly to the right in this picture.
Something very different here which has taken me some time to get used to is that people just drop in.  On the evening above we had invited Yves and Jackie for dinner.  Just as they arrived so did three local gents and two dogs.  So I delayed serving dinner and fortunately it was something that could be put on hold.    This is something that happens here that doesn't in the USA.  People just drop in for short visits without any notice.  Almost always they bring you something from their garden - string beans, corgettes, a few eggs.  We had wonderful conversation in a wide mix of English, French, and pantomime.   The two visiting dogs - Kiwi, an old male golden, and Dolly a young pointer-type female, showed Angel a good time.  Angel loved running with the big dogs.
This is how it looks most evenings in our garden.  Definitely the best time of day (unless its a day you went to the beach of course).

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