Most every village has a "Fete" in the summer each year.   The Fete is an event for people to come together and socialize, have a meal, and see a show.  This usually involves some sort of "spectacular".  There are a number  of entertaining groups that makes a circuit of these fetes.

The Fete this year was held on the Sunday following the St. Pierre event.  When the advertising brochure arrived it featured a showgirl on the cover.  This didn't seem particularly unusual as in the past the Fetes here have costumed dancers and elaborate song and dance numbers.  However, this year the entertainment was rather unique.  It was a full on lip-synced drag queen show.

The audience seemed a bit mixed in its reaction but generally seemed to take it in stride.
Patrice Christensen
7/5/2013 07:54:44 am

No need to miss now have it all in your quiet little village.

7/6/2013 12:12:20 am

Yes that is true Patrice. Who would have thought in this tranquil little village?


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