The Tour de France passed by our way last Friday.  It left Montpellier the large city to the east of us in the morning and passed through Pezenas on its way to Albi.  Coincidentally summer arrived here on the same day.  We drove into Pezenas several hours before the "caravan" was due to arrive so we could get a parking place and scout out the best place for viewing.  We selected the roundabout at the town center with a fountain in the middle.

As we waited from 10 am to 11:15 am the heat became intense and the sun was really beating down.  The shaded areas were not in good position for photos and we wanted to protect our location so we stood our ground in the heat.  Fortunately some souvenir venders had umbrellas for sale.
Once the caravan arrived it was very entertaining.  There were perhaps near one hundred advertising vehicles.  The one above was most welcome as it sprayed the crowd with cold water.  Lots had loud music and dancing passengers.  Sweets and all types of advertising "junk" were thrown to the greedy crowd and people grabbed items in the air as though they were bridesmaids jockeying for the bouquet.  Of course there were also lots of press, officials, and security vehicles in the parade. 

A low flying helicopter foretold the arrival of the racers to loud cheering from the crowd, flag waving, and horn blowing.  The bikes flew right by us in probably less than a minute. 

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